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Rosángela Isabel Pérez Molero, a Venezuelan migrant woman, is a violinist, composer, improviser, performer, sound artist and educator. She currently resides in Argentina, where she is completing her degree in Music Therapy at the University of Buenos Aires.  Her work as an artist inhabits and develops in the sound dimension. She uses free improvisation as a paradigm for the investigation of the Sonic Being.  She positions herself from The Listening as an existential position and artistic event. As a violinist she has worked in different styles and specializes in experimental music. She is part of the audiovisual duo Simulacrartist with which he produces music and edits audiovisual works together with the visual artist Neydalid Molero. Her performative work is the intersection between sound art and the body as an instrument that generates sound, movement and connection. The themes she is currently investigating are migration, home as a contradiction, the construction of the body and sound space as an existential dimension.



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